CoolProp.Plots.psy module

class CoolProp.Plots.psy.PsyCoolprop(**kwargs)

Bases: object

Psychrometric state using coolprop library

kwargs definition parameters:

P: Pressure, Pa z: altitude, m

tdp: dew-point temperature tdb: dry-bulb temperature twb: web-bulb temperature w: Humidity Ratio [kg water/kg dry air] HR: Relative humidity h: Mixture enthalpy v: Mixture specified volume

P: mandatory input for barometric pressure, z is an alternate pressure input it needs other two input parameters:

0 - tdb, w 1 - tdb, HR 2 - tdb, twb 3 - tdb, tdp 4 - tdp, HR 5 - tdp, twb 6 - twb, w
static LineList(name, Preferences)

Return a list with the values of isoline name to plot

classmethod calculatePlot(parent)

Funtion to calculate points in chart

kwargs = {'twb': 0.0, 'P': 0.0, 'v': 0.0, 'w': None, 'h': None, 'HR': None, 'tdb': 0.0, 'z': 0.0}
msg = 'Unknown variables'
status = 0
class CoolProp.Plots.psy.PsychroPlot(parent=None, width=15, height=5, dpi=100)

Bases: matplotlib.backends.backend_qt4agg.FigureCanvasQTAgg

Plot widget for psychrometric chart
Add custom margins Define a pointer to text state properties, to remove and redraw
plot(*args, **kwargs)
class CoolProp.Plots.psy.UI_Psychrometry(parent=None)

Bases: PyQt4.QtGui.QDialog

Psychrometric charts tool

createState(x, y)

Create psychrometric state from click or mouse position

drawlabel(name, Preferences, t, W, label, unit)
Draw annotation for isolines
name: name of isoline Preferences: Configparse instance of pychemqt preferences t: x array of line W: y array of line label: text value to draw unit: text units to draw

Plot chart


Save chart image to png file


Update graph annotate when mouse scroll over chart