CoolProp package

Module contents

CoolProp.copy_BibTeX_library(file=None, folder=None)

Copy the CoolProp BibTeX library file to the file given by file, or the folder given by folder

If no inputs are provided, the file will be copied to the current working directory

  • file (string) – Provide if you want to put the file into a given file
  • folder (string) – Provide if you want to put the CoolPropBibTeXLibrary.bib file into the given folder

This is just a shorthand function for getting a parameter from CoolProp.get_global_param_string


Get the include directory for CoolProp header files that are needed if you want to compile anything else that uses the CoolProp Cython extension type

Return type:The path to the include folder for CoolProp

Run the tests in the test folder