Backends in CoolProp


The AbstractState defines an interface between CoolProp and the rest of the world. The public methods like rhomolar() are meant to be called by other code, while the protected functions like AbstractState::calc_cpmass(void) are meant to be implemented by the other backends.

Derived Backends

The backends in CoolProp provide the implementation of the protocol defined by the abstract base class. There are a few primary backends:

  • HelmholtzEOSMixtureBackend : This backend is the backend that provides properties using the CoolProp code.
  • IncompressibleBackend : This backend provides the thermophysical properties for incompressible pure fluids, incompressible mixtures, and brines
  • REFPROPMixtureBackend : This backend provides a clean interface between CoolProp and REFPROP

Example Backend