Release ChecklistΒΆ

We have made a serious effort to automate the release of new binaries. Even though things have become easier, there are still many things to remember. Here is your new best friend, a checklist that helps you to keep track of all the small things that have to be done when releasing a new version of the CoolProp library.

  • Version: Edit CMakeLists.txt and remove all qualifiers (alpha, dev, ...) from the version number.

  • Changelog: Update the changelog and generate a list of closed GitHub issues:

    • Move into the dev/scripts folder and do python vX.X.X where vX.X.X is the version number of the milestone on github.
    • Copy the generated text (goes to stdout) into the changelog file in Web/coolprop/changelog.rst
  • release branch: Merge all code from master into release branch

  • build bots: Force all buildbots to run on the release branch, this will also change the upload folder from binaries to release.

  • script: Wait for all bots to finish and run the release script by launching the release version bot with dry run disabled and the correct version number. This uploads binaries to pypi and sourceforge. Ignore the warning failed to set times on "/home/project-web/coolprop/htdocs/jscript/coolprop-latest.js", it is a symlink and will be overwritten...

  • clean up: If everything went well, you can proceed:

    • Tag the release branch in your git software. It is a good idea to make an annotated tag and include the information on the closed issues here as well.
    • Change the default download file on sourceforge to point to the new zipped sources.
    • Bump the version number in the CMake file and commit.
    • Announce the new features if you like...

That’s all folks.